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Psy - Easy steps to stop a dog from biting

Dogs use their mouth to interact with their environment. And puppies are small explorers eager to discover the world that surrounds them. Therefore, their teeth are tools that should be educated in order to prevent them from biting with damage and causing disasters at home.

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Resorting to dog psychology

Puppies need to chew because it is part of their nature. It allows them to recognize and discover their environment. For them, their mouth is the equivalent of the sense of touch. With a little patience you will be able to educate your pet and teach it an adequate behavior.

Dogs should learn that their bites can do harm, this is fundamental especially if children are around. There is an exercise known as "soft mouth" which can be practiced with your pet from an early age. This game aims to make your puppy understand that it cannot tightly squeeze its jaw because it hurts.

This practice consists on letting your dog bite your hand but only to an acceptable level of pressure. When your pet reaches such point, you must complain a little bit so you let it know that you are “suffering”. And the last thing your loving hound wants is to see you in pain. Therefore, this tone of voice will indicate your puppy that it should not exert more force.

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As soon as the little one stops biting, you must reward it with a delicious treat like some tasty homemade cookies. The level of allowed pressure of the bite should be gradually reduced until the dog learns to play with soft mouth.

An adequate training to promote an adequate behavior

You can resort to another practical exercise that will help you to teach your dog to let go bitten objects. First, you let it grab the item with its mouth. Then you invite your pet to release it by offering it a delicious treat that is more attractive than the article.

Caresses, an edible reward and other games will be enough to encourage your puppy to conduct itself properly.