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O nás - What to consider when choosing a bull terrier

When you decide to acquire a Bull Terrier puppy you must bear in mind that this determination entails many responsibilities. You will be adopting a living creature which requires food, medical attention and an adequate care. This loving pet is not an object, but a faithful friend that will accompany you for at least 12 years.

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Understanding the features of a magnificent breed

The bull terrier dog was sadly raised as a prey dog, both agile and fast. However, in recent times, due to their great acceptance as a companion animal, professional breeders are trying to sweeten its previous behavior and tendencies. This new side of this kind of hound has given place to the emergence of a loving pet that will fill your days with joy.

Since it is a very complex breed that is full of peculiarities, this kind of dog requires the maximum care and attention from an early age.

For that reason it is recommended for you to acquire your puppy from a professional breeder. This person will maintain and supervise a temperament of the best quality. You should avoid at all times to get your hound from unscrupulous people who raise them as a mean of profit.

It is worth to mention that you can find this type of puppies in kennels. By adopting one of them you will be changing the life of a caring creature that is waiting for a loving home.

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Receiving your new furry friend

You must make sure that the puppy is wormed and with its vaccines up to date. It must be at least two months old, and it would be better if you can meet its parents and the conditions in which they live.

From the moment you take it with you, it is important for you to introduce your pet to many people, pets and objects as possible. In this way your doggy will have a positive and friendly relationship with its environment.