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How to correct an aggressive Staffordshire bull terrier

The Staffordshire bull terrier breed is famous for its great corpulence and the legendary myth of its dangerousness. Although any owner of this kind of dog will assert that these are very peaceful pets. Of course, as intelligent escorts will explain you, if aggression is encouraged, it can become threatening like any other hound. By understanding its personality you will be able to train it properly and avoid further behavioral problems.


Educating your pet appropriately from an early age

Despite their intimidating appearance, Staffordshire bull terriers are loyal and loving pets as your exquisite independent escort from will inform you. It is important to understand that no dog is born aggressive and that it is education that exerts considerable influence on its behavior. In any case, these hounds are very strong and very energetic for their size. They are also very intelligent, so it is important to train them well.

This breed is characterized for having a dominant personality. For that reason it is important to educate this kind of dog with firmness and perseverance from an early age.

This type of pet is recommended for those who are very active and energetic, like the ladies from the Escort Directory. If it comes from a reliable breeder and is educated with patience, it will demonstrate an excellent behavior, even in the presence of children. Smart escorts will recommend you to start by establishing a routine for your puppy. You should feed and walk your dog almost at the same hour every day.

These dogs tend to get used to a regular routine, therefore an unpredictable sequence of events can make them feel anxious and nervous.

Acquainted escorts will also advise you to provide your pet with durable toys. These puppies like to chew all kinds of objects. Since they have a strong jaw, they could choke with small pieces of items destroyed by them.

A positive discipline that promotes the best features of your pet

Positive training is fundamental to correctly mold the personality of your dog. This kind of education is based on the reinforcement of desired behaviors and ignoring unwanted attitudes. As your clever Prague escort will inform you, it is important to avoid the use of physical stimulus to forbid the undesirable action.

You could resort to commanding instructions or a slap in the air on the very instant of the undesired behavior. In this way your pet will assimilate the teaching.

Physical or humiliating punishment should never be used in the education of any puppy or dog. As skilled escorts will explain you, such actions infuse fear and promote aggression. Therefore, you should avoid the use of violence with your pet at all times. Because the day can come when the hound turns against you for the simple reason that this is what you have taught it.

Discipline is about a positive education based on rules that the dog must comply. You should teach it basic obedience, which is very beneficial to stimulate it mentally and emotionally.

Your dog must socialize from an early age in order to prevent an aggressive behavior as your splendid Prague escort will tell you. Every puppy goes through a very sensitive stage of socialization around the 3 months of age, an opportunity that must be seized.